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Exams in the Chair of Marketing

Preparing for Exams    

The Chair does not offer previous exams for preparation. The best way to prepare for all exams in the Chair of Marketing is to attend and participate in the courses (lectures, tutorials, seminars, and projects). In general, slides from the lectures but no lecture notes are provided for downloading. Ideally, the students’ notes will complement these slides. We therefore recommend that students study for exams with their notes. Study especially those exercises practiced intensively, as they often give an idea of what the exam questions might be about.


The date for viewing graded exams will be announced in the ISIS2 course for the respective lecture/seminar. 

Note:  Prevented from coming

If you cannot come on the date announced, please choose someone to come in your place. For this, we need a letter from you in which you name the person representing you and include a copy of your official ID and student ID card.


Notes on 3rd attempts / 2nd re-takes / Last attempts at Marketing and Production Management

 The last attempt at passing the exam for Marketing and Production Management may be done orally or as a written exam. Regardless of the format, questions will be asked on both parts (marketing and production). 

Registration process for 3rd attempts / 2nd re-takes / Last attempts at Marketing and Production Management

If you prefer an oral exam to a written one, please follow this procedure:


As of the summer semester 2016, the registration period for oral exams in Marketing and Production Management will always start with the publication of the grades for the written Marketing and Production Management exam (second exam date) and end four weeks before the first date for the written exam in the next semester. Please register for the oral exam via this online form. For all registered students, an informational meeting will take place after which it is possible to officially register the exam with the Examinations Office. More information on the official registration with the Examinations Office, registration deadline, and exam procedure will be given at this informational meeting. After reviewing the registrations, you will be notified of your exam date at least four weeks before the exam date according to Sec. 39(7) of the AllgStuPO from 4 Feb 2014.

Content of oral exam


The exam is conducted by examiners from both areas. Questions will be asked on both parts (marketing and production). The length of the oral exam is at least 20 minutes for each student. As in the written exam, in addition to the content of the lecture and required reading, the content of the tutorials is also relevant. To prepare, we recommend the same procedure as preparing for the written exam. In the marketing part, you will receive problems in text form that are comparable with the material of the written exam in terms of content. The questions for the production part are completely comparable with the questions in the written exam. It is also expected that you can explain your calculations orally in a logical way. Just as in the written exam, in the oral exam a non-programmable calculator is the only aid allowed.

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